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How does the AllEars Method differ from other methods?

AllEars Method is first of its kind. There is many guitar methods which will give you all the basic information to start to play the guitar. Problems in these methods are that the way they teach you to learn is a mechanical way and the material itself (tabs or sheet music) is something which greatest guitar players will never use to learn guitar and music.

Great guitar player has an understanding of the instrument, music forms and great ear to listen to the music. Mechanical players read tabs and build mechanical skills to play the song with little understanding about what is really happening in the song. That is the difference between below average and great guitar player.

Best example of a guitar player who has learned everything just by listening is Tommy Emmanuel. He has been voted several times as the words best acoustic guitar player and he is not just an exception. Paco De Lucia learns everything by ear... YouTube's most popular guitar player Sungha Jung learns by ear, not with tabs... Andy McKee has develop his style by listening... Basically every great player belongs to this list. It is all about great ear to be a great player. There is no shortcuts. Tabs are for average players who will never know their true potential if they don't seriously start to listen.