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1 year 7 months ago #17 by admin
Let me start by saying I never write reviews, However this course was so epic that I had too. I have been playing guitar for few years, I am quite dedicated so have come a relatively long way, can read notation and tab etc. However if I had this knowledge when I first started out I would be way better than what I am now.

This course is an amazing foundation for EAR PLAYING, literally you would be stupid not to buy it! Tomi is right when he says this is the way the professionals do it. The course is very friendly and if you are lucky you will make a few good friends. The webcam Tomi uses is slightly fuzzy, Which you may think is bad for live sessions. IT actually isn't, If you cant see what he is doing what do you have to do? USE YOUR EARS. Which is what the course is all about.

Although you don't need to go to the live sessions I would recommend you do as that is where in my opinion most of the learning is achieved, through questioning things. So let me repeat, the price is brilliant, The material you learn would take you years to find yourself, And you are getting a university education for way less cost. And you will get this education in a matter of months compared to years. It is the ultimate fast track in playing the guitar.

I've done it and i would do it again, So take the course, Best of Luck and have FUN!

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