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1 year 7 months ago #18 by admin
Hi. I am Mikko from the City of Oulu in Finland. I have been playing guitar for seven years. Occasionally I had come to the point where I could not get any good from the traditional approaches.
When Tomi offered his new guitar course, I was ready to go. The course was a hit. I was suprised how pleasantly Tomi taught the music theory, all grounded to guitar fretboard, guitar playing, and sample songs. Can theory be so practical and fun, almost no theory?
I learned music applied to fretboard, fretboad logic and various navigation skills, CAGED system. I learned intervals on the fretboard, chord triads, scales, how to form chords in any scale anywhere in fretboard. Tomi's approach is musical rather than mechanical, so you will easily understand and remember everything you have learned. I learned how to find out the key of a song by listening, how to find out the chords of the song, melody, and how to study the song structure.
Excellent guitar course!

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