Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques Program - FREE LESSON

Hello all acoustic guitarists. This is a sample workout from 15 weeks and 75 workout Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques Program taught by Tomi Paldanius. 

Program structure and goal

Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques Program is a result of 25 years of learning first classical guitar and then wide variety of fingerstyle guitar techniques. You can find complete syllabus and information by clicking HERE.

Please check the first introduction video and workout below and hope to see you at the next Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques Program. You can join the program by clicking here!

Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques Program - Workout 01

Each workout session has 2 videos. Later during the program there will be also notation charts. First video is a preparation/introduction video and second video is the actual workout. You can practice with the rhythm track only if you have a possiblity to balance your audio to only left or right channel. You can also workout with metronome or drum machine. Please feel free anytime to send Tomi a video of your playing/progress for personal guidance. 

At the beginning it is important to build your attack to the instrument with basic alternating picking. More wider is the dynamic range, more musical your playing will sound. We also go for the accuracy, cleaner picking and more careful listening. These exercises are extremely important even they might sounds very simple. 

The workout video below is little longer than 15 minutes but try to keep going until the finish.

Ready to start? Click here to join and get immediate access to preparation videos, which will give you some great tips how to get most of the Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques Program.