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Play What You Hear Program Review by Derek from Singapore


My name is Derek. I am from Singapore and I am a graduate student. I joined Tomi’s course because I thought it would be fun and I wanted to gain the ability to play any music I hear. Having just completed the course, I am very pleased.

The course was fun, productive and rewarding. In the short period of 15 weeks, we learned a skill set which allows us to teach ourselves any song simply by listening. In other words, we have learned how to learn any song we might like to play, without having to rely on sheet music or tabs. We also learned the structure and patterns behind songs, which makes playing so much easier and more enjoyable because rather than directly using sheer memory to remember how songs are played, we now simply remember the patterns and the rest comes quite naturally.

I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys playing guitar and who wants to learn the tricks to play anything simply by listening. It is great value for money and time because I believe I learned more from the course than I did from a year of traditional lessons, where the emphasis was on playing songs with no ear training. A year of such conventional training did very little in terms of allowing me to play say a good song I heard on the radio. The fact that the lessons were live meant that we were able to ask Tomi anything we wanted at any time during the lessons in order to quickly and effectively clarify our doubts.

Lastly, the live sessions were very relaxed and informal, so we were able to have plenty of fun in addition to learning the skills and acquiring the knowledge. I would say that this course is a rare opportunity to learn some really valuable skills from a good teacher at an affordable price, and from the comfort of your own home!

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