Play What You Hear Program Review By Nicole from Malaysia



I am a self taught guitarist in Malaysia, I play guitar for my singing accompaniment. Before joining aftertabs, I play guitar by checking out the chords of my favourite songs online. I mostly play open chord root position and with a capo. Thus, it sounds very plain and boring.
If there were some special chords in that song, I will google out online and try to learn the chord shape, but as soon as I play it on that day, I will forget it the next day and need to refer back again and again.
I never learnt to maximise the use of the whole fretboard, will feel panic and lost if I encounter some special chords like C#m, Fsus4, Cadd9, Am/G. The usual chord I play is C, G, F, D, Am...and others with capo..
This course has been an eye opening process to me. It helps me understand how the fretboard works, I can recognise the notes easier now by introducing  intervals on the fretboard.
It became more exciting when Tomi taught us about CAGED system. 
With CAGED system it is so much easier to create a chord, wherever we want on the fretboard! Everything now  make sense and more systematic.
Later on,Tomi taught us to HEAR and FEEL music, chords progression and others.
In one session, Tomi also hummed a "lame" melody made by a young child and how he immediately composed an arrangement to it and make it sound so incredibly good!
Chord progression and arrangement knowledge can really make a difference to a song!
After this 15 weeks, I am amazed how much quicker and easier for me to learn one new song. And now I not playing with just following the chords and what tabs told me to do, but try to analyse more for the chord shape, and the arrangement. My playing now is not so boring now and I can even play melody line with accompaniment!
Although 15 weeks is short, I feel I have learnt a lot of things, and Tomi had implanted some special "musical seed" in everyone of us, through time it will germinate and grow bigger and stronger when we continue playing guitar, we will be reminded of his theory and become better! 
As now i am busy with other things i still keep my practise using the precious i learned from Tomi.Will join one of his future classes again...Kudos to Tomi and keep up the good work cause now you have me as your fan and friend for life : )
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Play What You Hear Program Review By Lindsey from UK



I have messed around for years playing the most basic chords on the guitar keep picking it up and putting down again and finally got to a lose end with interesting songs I hunted for on you tube.
I saw Tomis course advertised and wondered if this would be to difficult to follow as I didn't know the fret board notes. To all of those out there wanting to simply learn how to play by ear, I can only say now by experience that this was the best thing I ever did and have achieved something I never thought I would.
To be honest I still don't know the fret board notes and although it would be easier to know this it actually doesn't matter. It's the fret board logic that is the key to understanding where you go to make music and of course Tomis fabulous teaching skills that he puts across so well. He teaches you to listen in a different way than before making it possible to select any root note of a song you want to play.
For me, this course was a big commitment and participation on the live sessions as been essential even though I only missed a couple. Tomi is truely dedicated to teaching his way of learning. He also has a good sense of humour although his jokes need updating!! Go for it! And like me, you will able to play by ear in 3 months. 
Oh and just to add. 
I am 46 years old and work shifts for Cheshire police. 
Take care tomi. 
All the best with your next course.
Lindsey whitehead 
Great Britain
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Play What You Hear Program Review By Jan from Germany



Hi Tomi!
First of all, The program was amazing. 
For me, I noticed after the third week (at the latest) that the price is defenetly not too much for the time and knowdledge you shared with us.
I learned exactly that what I was searching for, and what you said we will learn    (Plus some bonus knowledge and a couple new jokes :P ) .
You are a very cool guy and I already recommended the course.
IT was a very nice offer, thank you for the given opportunity.
I'm planning to upload a guitarvideo with an arrengement on youtube  in the future, I will send you the link then!
Have a nice day!
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Play What You Hear Program Review By Oleg from Russia



Hi, Tomi!

I'm glad to report you, that thanks to our studies I learned to pick up chords of the song much more quickly than before and (which is more important) more correctly. At least in simple songs where 6-chord theory works (in fact the majority of songs)! At present when I hum some song I can just take the guitar and try to accompany the voice without looking chords through the Internet! Now when my friends ask me to sing the song that I haven't learnt yet, I often can figure out chords in a minute in a convenient key. And if somebody knows all the words by heart we can sing that song together, having our piece of entertainment without disturbing the cosy friendly atmosphere with a tablet or computer in order to find out the chord names.
I also learned from our lessons a huge amount of music theory in pretty understandable way! It was not always simple for me to use this knowledge in practice immediately (sometimes due to my guitar skill level, sometimes due to lack of time because of my eventfull working days), but I'm sure it will help me to develop my guitar playing skill in what follows! Now all I need is practice, practice and practice again!
Thank you so much for all this amazing stuff that we had together with you and with other group members! I really enjoyed your course very much and I will recommend it to all my guitarplaying friends! :)
Best wishes,
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Play What You Hear Program Review by Bram from Netherlands

First I was a little bit skeptical about the program because I could never imagine, me and I mean me playing by ear. I always thought that was for the high educated smart people that have like a sixth sense or perfect pitch or something like that for it. But I thought well I can try and if not I can always quit but I didn't!

Why? Because with Tomi and the other ones in the group it was so much fun. Having the opportunity to start the webcam and play for like a bunch of people all over the world was like a huge kick for me, and I always loved the reactions, and to give reactions to others.I have enjoyed to watch and hear the performances of other players.


What Tomi did for me is to give me a better understanding of how the music theory works, like the caged system till that point I heard about it but never learned about it. And he also taught why it's so important to know the key to a song so we practiced that a lot. I really liked Tomi's sense of humor cause that's always a huge plus for a teacher. Tomi I think you are one of the best teachers I have ever learned from and I hope we will keep in touch. I wish you and all the other students who are going to attend or have attended the PWYH-program all the best.

And I highly recommend this program. Tomi you're the best!

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Play What You Hear Program Review by Brett from Australia

Wow, I couldn't believe how much I have learnt in such a short time. I was a raw beginner when I started this course and didn't know much about playing music. The class had experienced players at all levels and I felt a little daunted. But with Tomi's encouragement and sense of fellowship from the class I have been rewarded with a knowledge that has helped me to enjoy actually learning songs and playing the guitar now. Thanks Tomi.

Brett Flatters - Group 5

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