Play What You Hear Program Review by Bram from Netherlands

First I was a little bit skeptical about the program because I could never imagine, me and I mean me playing by ear. I always thought that was for the high educated smart people that have like a sixth sense or perfect pitch or something like that for it. But I thought well I can try and if not I can always quit but I didn't!

Why? Because with Tomi and the other ones in the group it was so much fun. Having the opportunity to start the webcam and play for like a bunch of people all over the world was like a huge kick for me, and I always loved the reactions, and to give reactions to others.I have enjoyed to watch and hear the performances of other players.


What Tomi did for me is to give me a better understanding of how the music theory works, like the caged system till that point I heard about it but never learned about it. And he also taught why it's so important to know the key to a song so we practiced that a lot. I really liked Tomi's sense of humor cause that's always a huge plus for a teacher. Tomi I think you are one of the best teachers I have ever learned from and I hope we will keep in touch. I wish you and all the other students who are going to attend or have attended the PWYH-program all the best.

And I highly recommend this program. Tomi you're the best!

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Play What You Hear Program Review by Brett from Australia

Wow, I couldn't believe how much I have learnt in such a short time. I was a raw beginner when I started this course and didn't know much about playing music. The class had experienced players at all levels and I felt a little daunted. But with Tomi's encouragement and sense of fellowship from the class I have been rewarded with a knowledge that has helped me to enjoy actually learning songs and playing the guitar now. Thanks Tomi.

Brett Flatters - Group 5

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Play What You Hear Program Review by Ricardo from Sweden

Hi, My name is Ricardo and  I live in Sweden. Before I joined to the play what you hear program, I was looking for a guitar course as I wanted to learn more about the guitar. I came across with play what you hear program. I loved the idea to be able to play by ear, something that was a bit hard to believe just with one course. I was also afraid of waste my money with an online course as I had the option to take it live in Sweden. 

It is well worth it this course, you get lot of useful information for the price you pay. The material is excellent, easy to understand and practice at home. The live sessions are very useful as you get good information there, however, the quality of the webcam is not the best, but with the material and summary videos are an excellent way to understand the class. 

I recommend you to work hard, do all homeworks and be patient,  as half of the course contains lot of theory. Don't try to run before you can walk. The fun part will come later and you will realize that you are able to get songs by ear. Nothing comes by magic, just follow the course, practice at home and you will forget to use tabs again. 

It feels so nice to start making your own arrangements !! 

Tomi is an excellent teacher and he will help you if you have problems to understand something. 


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Play What You Hear Program Review by Mihkel from Estonia

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Play What You Hear Program Review by CJ from USA

Here is an example how CJ has developed after the Program

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Play What You Hear Program Review by Pyry from Finland

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Play What You Hear Program Review by Dag from Norway


My name is Dag and I’m 32 years old. I’ve been playing the guitar on and off since 2006, and playing fingerstyle the last four years. Never had any professional teaching a mainly taught myself looking at tabs and trying to copy things from youtube and different lessons sites.

Discovered Tomi on youtube and visited his site. Play without tabs? Didn’t seem possible. But after I bought a DVD from Tomi I was convinced. This was a good way to learn. And when he then launched Play what you hear program I decided to join. The course started with us learning to use our ears. This was really a big challenge, but as we practice the lessons online it all started to come together. The method to learn chord shapes, the cages system, notes on the fretboard, finding  keys and notes, suddenly seemed not so hard as it did before. This course suits for everyone, from beginners to the more advanced players. I'm now able to find the right chords, and make arrangements by ear. No tabs!!. If you do join make sure you are available to join the online lessons, here I learned a lot! You also get lessons that you will prepare for the next session at his website. The consist of written material and videos.  I recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn to make own arrangements and learn more about the guitar. And also, it's great fun! Now I preparing for Tomi's next course, AllEars Elite Group!



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Play What You Hear Program Review by Jani from Finland

I would like to take the opportunity and review the PWYH program. I have played guitar quite many years, but now I have found a lot of new meanings to my playing. Course is very well structured and it´s easy to follow even if you are beginner. I find it very informative, but Tomi´s approach of teaching is pleasant and fun. CAGED shapes and position playing lead my playing into new level, as well how I can now explore the fretboard in a new way.

You can find the logic behind of chord progressions, how you should approach to different songs and what are the most common choices after finding the key. All of this and much more what we learned, makes your Ear Training easier as quite many of us do not have the knowledge where to start and what to do next. My ear has developed a lot in a very short period of time (15 weeks), so my journey has just began for arranging songs by ear, based on the valuable information what I learned from the course.

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