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Learning songs: How to do it fast?

Tabs are not the fastest and easiest way to learn songs. Good ear player will find chords and melody to any song in minutes. And the best part is that learning material is free. All the material is here (CD:s, YouTube etc.). You just need to find the way to develop the skill to transfer the sounds you hear into your instrument. That is the reason many tab players join the Play What You Hear Program. They are stuck and find tabs good way to learn at the beginning want to take that next step. And it is to really learn to understand music. 

Play What You Hear Program is combination of University level music theory knowledge and "real world" musicianship development. You can always put things to the paper but the best musicians understand music certain way and can use it as a language. Language is considered to be written and spoken but music is especially a language for ears and listening. Using your ears together with knowledge will bring the best and fastest results.

To answer the question how to learn songs fast = Join the play what you hear program and you will see how it happens. It is a skill like riding a bicycle: It feels impossible first but once you learn it, it will follow as a great skill for the rest of your life.