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Why Listen?: What are the benefits?

Why AllEars?What are the benefits

Our goal is to help you to understand why ear training is so important and all musicians should do it every time they pick up their instruments.

When you start to believe that ear training is the most effective way to learn music: You have made the decision for success.

And with great teacher the learning will be fun and motivating.


Benefits of The AllEars - Play What You Hear program

  • You will learn to listen and then play what you hear from the very beginning.
  • After you have developed basic skills (takes about 15 weeks) you can learn most of your favorite songs by ear.
  • Learning by ear is extremely awarding.
  • You will learn to arrange songs.
  • You don't need to waste time anymore to search, ask or buy tabs/sheet music.
  • You can learn songs which have never been tabbed or don't have notation available.
  • You can carry the Soundtrack of Your life with you...inside your head.
  • Ear training develops your memory and is very good exercise for your brain.
  • It is possible to learn songs extremely fast and the speed will increase more and more when you give more time for ear training.
  • It is easier to jam with other musicians.
  • Usual motivation problems will be history. These will appear usually after 2 years of tab playing and in worse case scenario tab playing can end young guitarists hobby.
  • Guitar playing is not just "cool" anymore... When you listen music more carefully, you will connect to it with more wider emotional spectrum.
  • Ear training will take your musicianship to totally new level.

It is hard to imagine any explanation why you should not take ear training seriously. It can save you from many bad habits and from underdevelopment as a musician. Ear training is now fun because of the laid back and easy to follow Play What You Hear Program.